Ben Tullman is a glass artist and educator living and working in Chicago, IL.

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  • Private Instruction from Artist Ian Duncan
  • Oxbow Class Jerry Catania and George Jersich
  • Oxbow Class Ed Schmid
  • Oxbow class Jerry Catania and George Jersich
  • Penland Class Davide Salvadore
  • Penland Intensive Martin Janecky
  • Penland Class Karen Willenbrink-Johnson and Jasen Johnson
  • Haystack Class David Herring


    • Founded Ignite Glass Studio 2012
    • 2012-2015 Creative Director of Ignite Glass Studios
    • 2015-Present Hot Shop Manager of Ignite Glass Studios

Radiant Aqua Bracelet

“My mission as a glass sculptor is to excite, inspire, and educate. I combine traditional sculpting techniques with the organic flow and rhythm inherent in the medium. Glass making is exciting. There is no comparable experience to that of stepping into the hot shop. You feel the heat of the furnace on your skin, hear the voices of artists working in tandem. The working pace is fast and deliberate.”

Ben Tullman aims to educate and inspire by showing glimpses of the magical world of glassmaking. He wants to build a community of people who understand and practice sustainable agriculture while creating composting and recycling programs. He is passionate about permaculture, closing loops and sustainability.  He is building a rooftop greenhouse, heated by waste heat from the glass furnace.

Ben has invented numerous unique glass formulas sometimes on purpose and others by accident or experimentation. He is driven to learn about fringe sciences like turbines, helical screw engines, boilers, and wireless energy transmission.  He wants to figure out innovative ways to harness our wasted energy into something useful.